Harley calls back more than 300.000 motorcycles Oct25


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Harley calls back more than 300.000 motorcycles

MILWAUKEE – Harley-Davidson motorcycles calls back 308.474 motorcycles worldwide because of a problem with the brake light. That the company announced Monday.

These models have been released since 2009. According to Harley-Davidson, excessive heat from the exhaust causes the problem with the brake light switch, so the brake light does not light up during braking. Also, the flaw in a brake fluid leak causing the switch.

The recall covers 250.000 Harleys in the United States and about 50.000 outside the U.S.. How many engines in the Netherlands is is still unknown.

Harley-Davidson anticipates that the flaw costs 10 to 12 dollar million (7.7 to 8.600.000 euros) in the fourth quarter of this year.